16: Kickin’ Ass & Chewin’ Bubble Gum

They Live (1988) In this episode we get deep into the topics of bleached assholes, high school shenanigans, ka ka poo poo pee pee, what our provinces would be like as high school students, a variety of other incredibly inappropriate things, and eventually we watch a movie. They Live is a classic film from the […]

15: We Done DID It!

Split (2016) In this we watch Split, a movie about a guy suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (AKA multiple personalities). Shit gets weird, we get drunk, and our minds get blown! We talk hot kidnappers, dry vaginas, and (as always) friendship. So enjoy this episode, it’s quite the wild ride!

13: That Puppy is Sooooo Cute

Cujo (1983) In this episode we watch Stephen King’s “Cujo.” We’re hungover bags of trash, but we do our best to power through, get a little drunk, and amp up the humour. We talk a lot of shit about the trashy mom, we feel real bad for Cujo (probably too bad), and we desperately try […]

Shudder Bugs gets Patreon!

Hey everyone! We just wanted to let you know that Shudder Bugs officially has a Patreon! Check it out and feel free to give us a donation, even as little as $1 will get you access to exclusive Patreon-only content from us. You can even get signed posters, bloopers, and a variety of other things […]

12: Adam Sandler Gives Us Silly Willys!

Happy Gilmore (1996) Welcome to our podcast, the Silly Willys! For those of you who don’t know, this is a podcast where bffs Kaeley and Sam get drunk and watch comedies. In this episode we get wine-drunk and watch Adam Sandler’s classic, Happy Gilmore. We’re chatty, we’re tipsy, and we can’t stop the laughter! Nothing quite […]