81: WAF

Cold Skin (2017) Y’all ready for some WET ASS FUSHY? Because we weren’t! Get down and dirty with us in the latest and greatest. We talk fucking gill holes, soaking and jumping, and our new fav: WAF. Oh yeah, and we’re up to the gills in liquor… Grab your favourite salty sea drink and join […]

03 – Hello Creeps Canada!

Kaeley and Sam are back at it again with two WILD Canadian stories. From Inuit cults, to Yukon beheadings, we’ve got it all for you. Grab your fanciest of cocktails (or boxiest of wines) and join us in another episode of Hello Creeps, Canada!

03: SB Shorts – Between the Lights (1912)

This week Samantha brings you a holiday appropriate short story by E. F. Benson. Part of his short story anthology “The Room in the Tower and Other Stories,” Between the Lights is a tale to keep you on your toes and maybe just a little bit out of your mind. You’ll want a hot drink […]

02 – Hello Creeps Canada!

Ya girls are finally back and at it in our new segment Hello Creeps, Canada! We’ve got two absolutely wild tales for you today. First, Sam will tell you all about the very recent double murder in Winnipeg and attempted murder at Seven Oaks Hospital. Kaeley follows up with an absolutely wild tale of a […]

02: SB Shorts – The Raven

The Raven (1845) Welcome back to Shudder Bugs Shorts! This week Samantha is bringing you one of the most classic horror shorts, The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. It’s spooky, a little sad, and a lot harder to read aloud than you might think, but makes for a great little tale to start November. Grab […]

01 – Hello Creeps Canada!

The Cremation of Sam McGee and More Welcome to the first ever HELLO CREEPS CANADA! Our brothers from other mothers way down in ol NJ have kindly let us hop on their creepy bandwagon and we are HERE for it. This episode features spooky tales from Northern Canada and a childhood favourite poem, The Cremation […]

80: Pls Return to Sender K Thx

Christmas Presence (2018) Tonight’s the last night of the year, so we’re giving you more Christmas cheer…s because we’re obviously already drunk. Reading is hard, writing is harder, here’s the breakdown you hunks: intimate ghost sex cabins in the woods OooOOooOoo insane couch fears So here’s the to do, to ensure that you too, are […]