37: Nope

Friday The 13th (2009) Prepare your lady boners for this episode, because we go hard deep on our Jared Padalecki love and the need for dicks, all the dicks. No seriously, dicks. Basically in this episode we boner all over everything, then tear this movie apart. If you want to hear us get trashed, talk […]

36: A Girl’s Changing Body – The Basics of Puberty

Ginger Snaps (2000) Question: cooter, pooter, which is which? In this episode we delve into the specifics and we get down n dirty about what it’s like to be a young woman. Granted we haven’t been “young” women in quite some time, but everyone knows the scars of puberty are everlasting (especially if you happen […]

35: The Undead, The Undead, and a Wolf Man

The Monster Squad (1987) In this episode we get hammed and watch horror comedy The Monster Squad. This 80s cult classic has us roaring with laughter and trying not to pee our pants. In classic Shudder Bugs fashion we get wildly off topic, but we stay on point with our drinks and humour. Grab some […]

33: Something Spooky This Way Comes

Paranormal Activity (2007) This episode is our second attempt at getting drunk and watching 2007’s Paranormal Activity (no, not ParaNorman, but maybe next time). We get hard drunk on rom temp spiced rum, eat leftover nachos, and have cat conversations galore. We also get quite confused when things that are actually from the other Paranormal […]

32: Welcome to the Devil’s Workshop

Idle Hands (1999) In this episode we watch horror-comedy Idle Hands. We get drunk like only Shudder Bugs can and we laugh until we cry! If you’re interested in hearing us complain, laugh, scream with laughter, cry with laughter, fall into utter hysterics, this is the episode for you. We go hard deep with mimosas […]

31: Frodo Takes The Moors

The Woman in Black (2012) In this episode we set out to get hammed, and boy do we! We’re watching 2012’s The Woman in Black. We’re spooked, we’re drunk, we’re rowdy and on topic as ever! Sam actually fully screamed watching this movie, so you know it’s scary (or it’s full of jump scares and […]