50: She Cums in The Night

It Comes at Night (2017) Sometimes a movie just doesn’t hit that hard, so you have to hit the vodka even harder! That’s what happened to us for It Comes at Night. This not-quite zombie movie is a slow burn, which is not what we do well. But if you’re looking for a poorly produced […]

49: How It’s Made – An Intro to Texas BBQ

Leatherface (2017) Sometimes you’re sick and hungover but to keep the pod alive, you just keep the booze going. In this episode we get re-drunk and watch the origin story to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface. It’s… ok. If you haven’t seen it, this probably won’t ruin too much for you, since it’s basically already explained […]

48: Juicy Juicy Cantaloupes

This week we’ve got a special surprise! If you’ve contributed to our Patreon (patreon.com/shudderbugs), you’ll know that we sometimes post bloopers from our recordings. We thought this week we would share some for all our listeners! Drink up and let the hilarity ensue! Blooper Week!    

47: A Twintuition Mission

The Forest (2016) What do you get when you combine a bad fake American accent with a half decent idea for a horror movie that just doesn’t quite hit the mark? You get 2016’s The Forest! Follow us down the drunken rabbit hole as we dive into this half documentary half horror movie. Like our […]

A New Shudder Bugs Schedule!

So as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been a bit inconsistent with uploading podcasts. With Kaeley finishing her masters in refrigerator repair, and Sam starting her new full-time job at a college residence, recording time has been lacking (it takes about 3 hours to get 50-60 minutes of usable content), and it’s been very difficult to […]

46: The 1980’s Called, They Want Their Moustache Back

The Vault (2017) Look, here’s the thing, sometimes you gotta eat ribs. And when you gotta eat ribs, there’s no stopping you. Just like there’s no stopping the hardcore dirt stache of James Franco in this new-ish movie The Vault. There’s also no stopping the bad acting, the masked man confusion, and our drinking. Grab […]