43: The 6th Best Horror Film of 1999!

Lake Placid (1999) Life lessons from this week’s episode of Shudder Bugs: if you’re very drunk, you can still put yourself in the recovery position as you’re passing out (in fact, we highly recommend it); if you find yourself in a horror movie, wait until it’s all over to break down (seriously, just sitting there […]

Sick and Dead

This week there will be no episode. Unfortunately, the Shudder Bugs are dead, voices are lost, and a terribly cold is in full swing. Fear not! We will be back soon with some great new content for you. We’ve got new vodka, old humour, and a mid-level tolerance for booze. 2018 will have some of […]

42: Happy HO-HO-HO-lidays!

Black Christmas (1974) IT’S CHRISTMAS!! And what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a classic Christmas movie, full of booze, sex, and murder? This week we’re finally watching Sam’s favourite horror movie, Black Breakfast! Oh shit wait, Black Christmas! Every once in a while we record two movies in a row (sometimes three), […]

41: The Adventures of Hairy Hole

The Snowman (2017) Ever wonder what happens when two chicks get drunk at 10 am? They watch a trashy winter horror movie about a snowman and try to figure out if meth can be snorted or not. Pour yourself some overly rummed eggnog (don’t forget copious amounts of whipped cream) and prepare your body for […]

40: This is Halloween!

Halloween (1978) How drunk do you have to get to finish Halloween on the topic of robot dicks? Listen to this episode to find out! Spoiler, it’s really drunk! Then again it’s not much of a stretch for us to be talking about dicks for an hour. In this episode we also talk stabbing bitches, […]