30: Elijah Wood’s Dirtiest Thirty Yet!

The Lost Boys (1987) In this episode we’re watching horror comedy classic The Lost Boys. We’re drinking vodka slushies (potent af) and we get good and hammed just for your entertainment. We talk vampires, Elijah Wood, how The Lost Boys are basically just Peter Pan, and how thirsty the mom is in this movie (hint: […]

29: I Ain’t Your Mommy

Orphan (2009) In this episode we’re on our second round of recording, so boy are we off to quite the start! We get vodka drunk and watch 2009’s most impressive horror, “Orphan.” We get rowdy, we laugh so hard we snort, and we actually get a little scared. Like always, this episode is totally on […]

28: The Boy Who Lived

The Ring (2002) In this episode, two Voldemorts get hammered and watch The Ring. Classic horror movie, still fucking scary, and yet we somehow go off on a Harry Potter related tangent for basically the whole episode! We’re drunk, we’re scared, we’re hilarious! Grab some vodka, mix it with literally anything you can drink, and […]

27: Sunday Bloody Sunday

Carrie (1976) In this weeks episode we delve back into the wonderful world of Stephen King with the 1976 classic Carrie. We try to stay on topic, but like usual, it doesn’t last very long. We discuss Sam moving, yowling cats, how to keep periods sexy in the ’70s, changing our names for security, chunky pig’s […]

26: T/B/S – Throw Back Sat

V/H/S (2012) In this episode we go way back! V/H/S was one of the first movies we watched and recorded for Shudder Bugs. It’s a little rough around the edges, but Kaeley’s sweet editing skills brings it all together! So grab a drink, sit back, and give one of our original un-aired episodes a listen. […]

25: Gruuggggggg

The Grudge (2004) In this weeks episode we watch the American remake of The Grudge. We get sloppy drunk on our favourite, vodka! Grab a drink and listen to us scream, laugh, be horribly confused , and go on yet another political rant! If you’re looking for a horror movie to watch this weekend that […]