33: Something Spooky This Way Comes

Paranormal Activity (2007) This episode is our second attempt at getting drunk and watching 2007’s Paranormal Activity (no, not ParaNorman, but maybe next time). We get hard drunk on rom temp spiced rum, eat leftover nachos, and have cat conversations galore. We also get quite confused when things that are actually from the other Paranormal […]

32: Welcome to the Devil’s Workshop

Idle Hands (1999) In this episode we watch horror-comedy Idle Hands. We get drunk like only Shudder Bugs can and we laugh until we cry! If you’re interested in hearing us complain, laugh, scream with laughter, cry with laughter, fall into utter hysterics, this is the episode for you. We go hard deep with mimosas […]

31: Frodo Takes The Moors

The Woman in Black (2012) In this episode we set out to get hammed, and boy do we! We’re watching 2012’s The Woman in Black. We’re spooked, we’re drunk, we’re rowdy and on topic as ever! Sam actually fully screamed watching this movie, so you know it’s scary (or it’s full of jump scares and […]

30: Elijah Wood’s Dirtiest Thirty Yet!

The Lost Boys (1987) In this episode we’re watching horror comedy classic The Lost Boys. We’re drinking vodka slushies (potent af) and we get good and hammed just for your entertainment. We talk vampires, Elijah Wood, how The Lost Boys are basically just Peter Pan, and how thirsty the mom is in this movie (hint: […]

29: I Ain’t Your Mommy

Orphan (2009) In this episode we’re on our second round of recording, so boy are we off to quite the start! We get vodka drunk and watch 2009’s most impressive horror, “Orphan.” We get rowdy, we laugh so hard we snort, and we actually get a little scared. Like always, this episode is totally on […]

28: The Boy Who Lived

The Ring (2002) In this episode, two Voldemorts get hammered and watch The Ring. Classic horror movie, still fucking scary, and yet we somehow go off on a Harry Potter related tangent for basically the whole episode! We’re drunk, we’re scared, we’re hilarious! Grab some vodka, mix it with literally anything you can drink, and […]