52: Can You Hear Me Now? (8)

Don’t Hang Up (2016) What happens when two assholes get a podcast? Sorry, I mean what happens when a bunch of young guys get a douchy YouTube channel? They get f**ked up! Not unlike what happened to us while recording this episode for you. Welcome to number 8 in the great Halloween countdown of 2018! […]

October 2018 Halloween Countdown!

After months of technical difficulties, Shudder Bugs is finally back and better than ever! Starting October 22nd we will be releasing a 10 episode countdown to Halloween! We’re drunk, we’re rowdy, and we’re as unintelligible as ever. We’ve got some VERY SPECIAL GUEST appearances, new and old, who get smashed as ever. Check out our […]

50: She Cums in The Night

It Comes at Night (2017) Sometimes a movie just doesn’t hit that hard, so you have to hit the vodka even harder! That’s what happened to us for It Comes at Night. This not-quite zombie movie is a slow burn, which is not what we do well. But if you’re looking for a poorly produced […]