60: If Only Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

The Visit (2015) Every once in a while your gals get so drunk while recording that we need to take a break and it gets done in two parts: this is such an episode! Things we learned from the Visit: really just one lesson, don’t send your kids off with your estranged parents! Seriously, just […]

59: Someone Is Coming To Town…

Better Watch Out (2017) Disclaimer: Shudder Bugs is not a podcast that stays even remotely on topic (as is evidenced by this episode, in which we go on another Skip rant and discuss deeply the reality of threesomes). Shudder Bugs is not responsible for any damage to your ears when listening to our shrill voices […]

58: Shia Surprise!

Jennifer’s Body (2009) If Adam Brody was kind of a murderer with a totally safe-space van, would you still…? Because we would, as we discuss thoroughly throughout this dark comedy from 2009. What would you do if your best friend pterodactyl screeched at you then barfed spiky black shit in your face? And finally, what […]

56: The Kid Came Back the Very Next Day

Pet Sematary (1989) Welcome to the first episode post Halloween! In this episode we learn to cope with the collective 10 episode hangover that hit us like a truck, by getting drunk and watching things get hit by trucks! We’re watching Stephen King classic Pet Semen-tary, sorry that’s Samatary, no no it’s SEMatary! Or is […]