We’re Back in the Tubby with Special Megan Guest!

Creep (2014)

It’s Halloween, baby! Lordy a lot has happened in the last… too long, but we’re back for your ear holes, a nice long tubby for you to enjoy. Fair warning, we recorded this episode before the world fell apart, back when there was innocence and we only cared about how many d*cks we could see on TV at any given time. Back before Megan found a new (way better, way bigger d*cked bf), before Sam had a whole entire baby (seriously, she grew a human), and before Kaeley got married (ol Davey, now Mr. Shudder Bae)! (See, a lot has happened…) Grab yourselves a big ol drink, for old time sake, and dive on in! We’re here for you šŸ˜‰

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