44: Just Because He’s a Vampire Doesn’t Mean He Doesn’t Have Feelings

House of Dark Shadows (1970) How deep into the topic of rodent infestation can the ladies at Shudder Bugs get? Listen to today’s episode to find out! You’ll also learn all about Handsome Jeff and Not-So-Handsome Todd (who’s names are not Jeff and Todd but rather Todd and Jeff). How confused can we get? Very. […]

43: The 6th Best Horror Film of 1999!

Lake Placid (1999) Life lessons from this week’s episode of Shudder Bugs: if you’re very drunk, you can still put yourself in the recovery position as you’re passing out (in fact, we highly recommend it); if you find yourself in a horror movie, wait until it’s all over to break down (seriously, just sitting there […]