68: It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Summons a Demon

Ouija (2014) Who else had a Ouija board as a kid? Mine didn’t summon any demons… as far as I know, but maybe that has to do with why I have an obsession with horror and all things sinful 😉 Things learned from this movie: When people start dying, just STOP, for real! Also, get […]

67: Don’t Worry It’s Genetic!

Hereditary (2018) Is it contagious? Is it environmental? Is it psychosomatic? No, it’s Hereditary, and it’s F*CKED! Things we learned from this insane modern horror movie: you have a severe nut allergy? Keep a damn epipen on hand! You’re driving at breakneck speed (heh) down a dark highway? Don’t stick your damn head out the […]