This is the End… of our Friends… The End! A Shudder Bugs Guest Special Extraordinaire (1)

Halloween 2018 (2018) It’s the final countdown! Welcome to number 1 in the spoopy mess that has been our 2018 Countdown to Halloween! Where do we even start with this… This episode features special guest and number one podcast sponsor Dag Mavson! Or Dagson! Or whatever you’d like to call him. This episode also features […]

52: Can You Hear Me Now? (8)

Don’t Hang Up (2016) What happens when two assholes get a podcast? Sorry, I mean what happens when a bunch of young guys get a douchy YouTube channel? They get f**ked up! Not unlike what happened to us while recording this episode for you. Welcome to number 8 in the great Halloween countdown of 2018! […]